“We guarantee to leave your pool clean and safe”




Designing, building and caring for your dream pool is the mantra for Aquascape. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality swimming pools and ensure to stay loyal to you throughout the entire journey. Once we have engineered and installed your pool to your exact specifications, we continue the relationship through the aftercare and service of pool maintenance.

If your pool is indoors or outdoors, our regular maintenance visits will be tailored to your individual needs. Perhaps it’s been dormant throughout the winter months and looking for rejuvenation for summer, or it’s time to wind down for autumn, our South West team work through all the seasons and are just a phone call away.

From your pool pumps to water testing, pool water care, filter systems, pool cleans and recommending which pool chemicals are best, we guarantee to maintain your pool to its finest standard. Aquascape takes the hassle out of handling the mundane jobs to allow you more time to enjoy yourself in the water. Our services aren’t just a one size fits all method, we take great care and attention into providing a complete package of pool care – regardless of size and age.




Our qualified and knowledgeable professionals at Aquascape are on hand to advise what procedure is best. However, we don’t just provide maintenance for new customers – we can also renovate old pool designs too. Trust in our expertise of over 100 years of experience to give your existing pool a new beautiful lease of life by updating its entire look.

Say for example you’ve inherited a concrete inground pool and don’t know where to start when looking ahead to maintaining it for the future.

Our craftsmen can repair internal and external finishes and replace the foundations of the pool system from heating to underwater lights. Plus, we can address standardised issues such as improving water filtration and circulation, as well as diagnose and fix any pool issues which may arise.

Renovation Services We Provide:

  • Refurbishment of pool lining, tiles/PVC liner etc.
  • Repairing Damage / Wear
  • Modernising of old systems
  • Automatic safety covers
  • Pressure testing
  • Steps
  • New copings, stone surround, sump, skimmer, returns, pool plants, underwater lighting and pool covers

Pool maintenance is a vital factor when it comes to the aftercare service provided by Aquascape. From designing and building from scratch or improving the longevity of an existing pool through renovations and regular upkeep, our team is with you every step of the way.


We have never looked back or regretted any aspect of what has become a very happy partnership.  April one of the Aquascape’s great team comes and takes off the winter cover, brings out the summer cover, vacuums any debris, checks the chemical levels and prepares it for use.


As soon as the water has warmed up (However horrid the weather) we leap in and used almost constantly throughout the summer.  At the onset of winter someone returns to put back the winter cover, stow away the summer cover and adjust the chemicals levels.


I cannot imagine owning a swimming pool without their after sales service and if we were ever to move hours I would always ask Aquascape to install a new pool.


We have used Aquascape for many years for small one off jobs to large installations. It’s great to be able to use a local company. They have been able to help us quickly when larger companies couldn’t. The service we receive from their office staff all the way through to their service staff is always incredibly friendly but professional. I would throughly recommend using them.

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