Have you always dreamt of designing and diving into your own swimming pool? Delivered to your specifications and desires, Aquascape can make this a reality. From indoor swimming pools to extensive outdoor swimming pool designs, our team of innovative and skilled experts will work with you every step of the way to achieve the results you want that promises to live up to your wishes.   

The addition of a swimming pool to your residence or property will increase the overall value of the site, is a great way to keep fit and is a wonderful pastime to enjoy with family and friends.  

Ideas to innovation

From our very first consultation, designing, constructing and installing a bespoke swimming pool is all about appreciating the customers’s needs.

Whether you have a dedicated pool house, looking for a spa and pool combination or want to experience the true luxury of an infinity pool, Aquascape are on hand to offer a range of economical options at a price and time frame that best suits you. 

Location is key and our experienced team can design and construct a pool in the perfect spot of your property to the size and shape of your choice. Tiled or lined, there are plenty of options available including the ability to have a natural or reconstructed surround to complement each element. With our combined over 100 years of experience in the industry, we can advise customers on the finer details such as suitable buildings for indoor pools and the benefits of installing a manual or automatic operated pool cover.

“Designing, building and caring for your dream”



With our expert knowledge, we can advise on which filtration and heating plant is best suited to your pool.

Aquascape can provide a range of pool water and air heating forms along with the perfect dehumidification and filtration systems for your indoor or outdoor pool plant room. Using the finest equipment and trusted suppliers, our highly skilled team will supply and install each part to the best possible standard to achieve the results you want. With our pool chemical solutions, the water itself can be sanitised in a number of ways using manual or automated systems.


As dedicated swimming pool installers, designers and maintenance experts, we provide the whole package. Once your project is complete Aquascape guarantees to advise on what steps are best to take next. From which methods are most effective to which products would be most efficient for your pool.

We understand that a swimming pool isn’t just bricks and water – it’s a comprehensive project that involves care attention to mechanics and aesthetics such as landscaping. This includes interior and exterior finishes such as natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles and various grades of PVC lining. That’s why we guarantee that there will be no hidden costs and Aquascape will consult you at every stage of the design and build process, listing each feature that is required for your needs.  

Our highly recommended reputation in the South West lies in customer service and delivering a product that matches your every desire. From initial drawings to a potential renovation project, all the way through to pool servicing, the esteemed advice and patience for each project is what makes Aquascape your first choice for maintaining your swimming pool.  


Installed the pool and do a great job commissioning and decommissioning the pool every year. Lovely people.


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