Maintenance Icon  Swimming Pool Refurbishment
& Renovation in Gloucestershire.

In addition to creating beautiful new pools we renovate existing ones and will diagnose and fix any of your pool problems.

We can update your pool to achieve that stunning new look again. We can repair external and internal finishes or upgrade and replace anything from the heating system to underwater lights. We can also improve the water filtration and circulation.

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Services we provide:

  • Refurbishment of pool lining, tiles/PVC liner etc
  • Repairing Damage / Wear
  • Modernising of old systems
  • Automatic hydraulic safety covers

Fault finding of all pool equipment:

  • Filters + filter sand replacement
  • Pumps
  • Heating
  • Automatic covers
  • Automatic chemical dosing

Some examples of renovations:

  • New copings
  • New stone surround
  • New sump
  • Pressure testing
  • Steps
  • New skimmer
  • New returns
  • New pool plant
  • New underwater lighting
  • New pool covers

Swimming Pool Maintenance.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer a complete season of pool maintenance services including opening and commissioning your pool for the summer to closing it for the winter.We can arrange service visits throughout the year at a schedule to suit your individual requirements. As part of our maintenance regime Aquascape Swimming Pools will remove debris, test and maintain water balance, check pool and ancillary equipment for defects, check and empty skimmer baskets.

In the light of the uncertainty surrounding the recent outbreak of Covid – 19, our priority continues to be the well-being of our customers and employees, and we are committed to ensuring that our front line customer service operates in the safest way for us all.

Aquascape Swimming Pools are still open for spring commissions, services and repairs as these can be carried out without jeopardising the health of either our customers or employees.

Please telephone on 01453 886 952 for any enquiries or more information.