Blue pencil icon  Swimming Pool Design in Gloucestershire.

Our swimming pool design service starts with our clients. From our initial meetings we establish an appreciation for our client’s needs, from what type of pool they want to the best location to build it. We then design each individual pool and its surround. Pools can be tiled or lined and have either a natural or reconstructed surround. From our wealth of experience we also advise clients through other design considerations such as suitable buildings for indoor pools and the benefits of either an automatic or manually operated pool cover.

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Pool Heating Solutions

Aquascape Swimming Pools will advise you as to the best filtration and heating plant suited to your chosen pool. Within the pool plant room, whether it be indoor or outdoor, we can supply all forms of pool water and air heating along with the correct dehumidification and filtration systems. At Aquascape Swimming Pools we pride ourselves upon our quality of work and customer service and use only the very best equipment and ancillary supplies at all times. The water itself can be sanitised in various different ways using automatic or manually dosed systems with a range of methods including chlorine free.

Pool Finishing

There are a number of choices in the exterior and interior finishes including: Natural stone, Porcelain & Ceramic tiles and various grades of PVC lining.

Our Comprehensive Service.

Aquascape Swimming pools offer customers a complete swimming pool design and installation service. A well built swimming pool will increase the value of your property and is also a great way to keep fit! Aquascape Swimming Pools can manage the whole project of your swimming pool design and installation from beginning to end, including landscaping and construction. We can list all features of your pool, including design & planning costs for your project at every stage of the build, so you will know exactly what is involved and how much everything will cost.

In the light of the uncertainty surrounding the recent outbreak of Covid – 19, our priority continues to be the well-being of our customers and employees, and we are committed to ensuring that our front line customer service operates in the safest way for us all.

Aquascape Swimming Pools are still open for spring commissions, services and repairs as these can be carried out without jeopardising the health of either our customers or employees.

Please telephone on 01453 886 952 for any enquiries or more information.