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Hassle free pool Building

Aquascape Swimming Pools Ltd, based in Stroud, is the company to turn to if you want to build a pool that is completely unique to your lifestyle and needs.

Whether you are looking for an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, or something in between, Aquascape has the solutions for you. Our experienced team of experts can design and install your pool from start to finish—all you have to do is sit back and relax!

We are the company to turn to if you want to build a pool that is completely unique to your lifestyle and needs.

Over almost 30 years we have built up a great reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail, which is something that we are very proud of. The service we provide is of the highest possible standard and our customers often comment on how easy it was to work with us from start to finish.

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Indoor pool construction stages

  • Constructing The Swimming Pool Shell

The first step in constructing the shell of your luxury pool is setting out the excavation with a laser survey.

Once we have established all relevant levels, we can start to dig the hole for the swimming pool.

We also need to dig a separate hole for the filtration/plant room which will be connected to the swimming pool through a piped filter system.

A reinforced concrete shell is constructed in situ by placing steel reinforcement and formwork. The shell is then filled with a flowing concrete mix, which is placed using a crane mounted boom pump.

  • Shutter System And Steel Cage

The shutter system is then fitted to the walls of the pool and a steel cage is added, which is used to support the high-density polystyrene insulation panels.

  • Fittings And Lights

Fittings are installed for water circulation and filtration, lighting, and any other optional features such as jets or waterfalls.

  • Concrete Spraying

The shell is sprayed with concrete to provide a smooth surface finish, ready for tiling.

  • Curing

The pool shell is then left to cure for around 28 days before the luxury tiling can begin.

Arch pool steps  Blue Swimming Pool Cover  Swimming Pool Power 
  • Waterproof Coating

A waterproof coating is applied to all surfaces prior to tiling. This ensures that the pool will be completely waterproof once completed. Second Waterproof Coating A second waterproof coating of liquid rubber is added to ensure that your pool will not leak and it gives you extra peace of mind for years to come.

  • Pool tile finishes

There are many different swimming pool finishes available. We can finish your luxury swimming pool using marble mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles or glass mosaic tiles. Each finish will create a unique aesthetic feel in your home. We offer luxury tile finishes from world-leading suppliers including Bisazza and Sicis.

  • Pool Installation Services

While your pool shell is being constructed, we’ll begin the primary phase of your heating and ventilation system.

It’s important that air temperature and humidity are regulated in your indoor pool space. That is why we carry out AVC work to ensure that the air in your pool space is healthy and plentiful. Ventilation and heating systems involve the installation of ductwork, either in the ceiling void, under the floor, or sometimes both. This will be dependent upon your pool design and available space.

  • Pool Filtration And Water Management Systems

State of the art filtration systems, pumps and dosing systems are installed to ensure you swim in crystal clear water. Aquascape use high-quality water systems to remove toxic chlorine by-products and ensure that your pool water is consistently clean.